It Cosmetics Miracle Water 3-in-1 Glow Tonic

Meet It Cosmetics: Miracle Water 3-in-1 Glow Tonic.  Said to be able to cleanser, brighten and hydrate skin in one fell swoop, there’s a chance you’ve never met this kind of toner.

It does cleanse your skin, but does it without any harsh cleansing agents.  There isn’t alcohol in this Tonic, and nor is there any foaming agents.  You simply use a cotton pad to apply this on and wipe it off.  I prefer to get a muslin and wet that, and then soak my lashes in it before I rub off the rest of the makeup on my face.  This does a decent job without me needing to waste a whole bunch of cotton pads, but if you want your skin to be squeaky clean, then follow up with another cleanser.

This is a great finisher after you’ve removed your makeup, to get rid of excess residue, and to moisturize all in one shot.  I use it as a final step in the morning, or as my only morning cleanser.

$50 at Sephora.

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IGK Mistress Leave-In Conditioner

I don’t know when, but sometime last year I noticed the brand IGK pop up on my Sephora page, and the brand definitely caught my eye. They have a coconut oil gel for curly hair, and products that lean towards using natural but old-school ingredients. In particular, they have a shampoo and conditioner with Amla oil in it, which is long revered in Indian folk remedies for being very good for your hair and scalp.

Anyway, I got a sample size of the IGK Mistress Leave-In and I had to try it.

This gel is for all hair types and has coconut oil as one of the ingredients (along with water, dimethicone, and other usual suspects). The gel is clear and gives you some hold along with conditioning. I found that I couldn’t just use it on its own, but it was great paired with a little bit of hair serum too.

You can use this on wet hair or dry hair. On dry hair, it works more like a traditional gel because it sets your style but leaves hair a bit crunchy, so do this if you’re going to be washing your hair the next day anyway. On wet hair, this left my hair soft and smooth and frizz-free. I’d use it again, and I’d get the full size too.

Pick it up at Sephora for $38.

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Mascara Monday: Pat McGrath FetishEyes Mascara Review

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Swatch: OPI You’re Such a Budapest

Yes, my mani got wrecked because of the fan, but this was such a pretty colour that I had to post. OPI You’re Such a Budapest. Love it.

$13 at The Bay, Walmart, and salons.

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Dior Pump N Volume Mascara Review

Dior’s new mascara, Pump N Volume, changes everything by allowing you to choose how much product you want on the brush wand.  It comes in a matte black tube that’s soft in the center, where you squeeze to allow product to attach itself directly to the wand.  It lets the brush get fully loaded so that you can apply lots of mascara to your lashes.

What the mascara really has going for it is that the formula is amazing.  It builds volume, lengthens, dries quickly and wears even in hot weather without any smudging or flaking.  Truly this is the creme de la creme of mascara formulas.

I also like the wand: it’s got rubber bristles which I find are the best for really separating lashes and coating each and every lash.  It’s just the right size too, so that mascara stays on your lashes and doesn’t go anywhere else.

While I like the idea of wearing lots of mascara, I actually found that squeezing the tube put too much product on the wand, to the point where it was hard for me to apply without getting it all over my eyelid.  I prefer not squeezing it, getting just the right amount of mascara on there and then applying, and going over my lashes with a dry brush to make sure that any clumps have come out.

If you apply lots of product, then the mascara goes on really heavily. Not so that there are clumps, but just lots of product on your lashes, so that they kind of stick together instead of being separated.  If you like spider lashes, then this might work for you, but I like more of a separated look, so I keep going through the lashes until they’re all separated.  The good part is that the mascara and the wand seems to coat all the lashes from base to tip so that they look longer than ever.

But ultimately, this mascara smudged on me… especially this summer when my skin was oilier, and I was applying and reapplying sunscreen, this mascara just didn’t hold up.

Available at Dior counters. $37.

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Wordless Wednesday: Summer Colour

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Skincare Lineup

A wee look at what I’m using right now.  If you have questions, leave them below.

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Nars Monoi Body Glow II Oil

The Nars Monoi Body Glow II oil came out as part of their Tahiti Bronze collection in 2016, and that’s how long I’ve been holding on to this bottle for.  It always seemed too precious to use, so I kept it on a shelf, and then when the shelf had too much stuff on it, I moved it into a box.  Well something as beautiful as this is no good in a box, so what’s the point?

I took it out this week and started using it and that was hard.  I still think that this is too beautiful to use every day.  I mean look: it has a real Tiare flower steeping in the oil, and the scent is a mix of frangipani, ylang ylang, tiare flower, and vanilla.  It’s subtle and beautiful, slightly summery and warm but not sweet.

The oil absorbs into your skin quickly and leaves it feeling comfortable.  The oil is just scented enough that you can put the oil on your whole body without feeling like it’s too much.

I’m enjoying using it.  Just on parts of my body while the other parts get covered in sunscreen since it’s still summer and I’m still out and about.

What I’ll do is use up this beautiful oil and then hold on to the bottle.  Because I can do that.

$76 at Nars counters.

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Neutrogena Sheer Zinc Sunscreen Review Video

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Beautycounter Countersun Mineral Sunscreen Review

I had a video review about this sunscreen… and then deleted by mistake. Oops. But here you go: if you want a mineral sunscreen, this is a great option, although you can only get it online.

The main sunscreen ingredient is 19% Zinc Oxide which means that it’s got lots of zinc oxide in it. That’s great, but zinc oxide usually shows up super white on tan skins, and this one doesn’t do that. Sure, there’s a bit of a cast but not so much that it’s bothersome to look at.

It’s greasy so I don’t like using it on my face, but I love using it on my body because it works like a moisturizer too. It’s also water-resistant (probably because it’s so greasy), so I took it with me for a day at the beach with my kids. I slathered them and myself with the sunscreen, and honestly, I was using so much that it was a little white on our skins but our photos from the beach look pretty good.

But, it’s sticky.  Sand stuck to it non-stop and that was not fun.  It was hard to change our clothes after a day at the beach, and reapplying sticky sunscreen over top of sand and more sticky sunscreen was super annoying.  Just saying.  It would be great for a day on the patio, but maybe not for the beach.

Available online: $49.

More sunscreen reviews here.

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