Dermalogica Pre-Cleanse

Dermalogica recommends that you begin your skin care routine with their Pre-Cleanse.

This is the brand that introduced me to the double cleanse, and if you don’t wash your face that way, you should definitely start. It can lead to clearer skin and a reduction of skin issues simply because your skin will be so clean.  And if you’re looking for a good place to get a facial, you can’t go wrong with a Dermalogica one because they incorporate aromatherapy into all their products.Pre-cleanse is a rosemary-scented oil that you massage into your skin. It emulsifies the impurities on your skin and when you add water to it, the oil washes off.

The Pre-Cleanse really does work and makes your skin super-clean without drying it at all. Dermalogica recommends that you follow up with another Dermalogica cleanser, and I did find that when I followed their routine, I had very clean skin without it being dry at all. Even oily skins can use this product, and they’ll find that it cleans your skin without completely stripping it of moisture.

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La Mer The Cleansing Foam

I know that this is super pricy for a cleanser, but it’s not just foaming – it makes your skin clean without drying it out and has ground up rice to help with gentle exfoliation.

I find that a foaming cleanser is best when it comes to really getting your skin clean.

Just a pea-sized amount lathers up quickly.

$30 for 1 oz.  Available at La Mer counters.

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AG FastFood

This is an amazing leave-in conditioner from a Canadian company.

It smoothes and calms your hair while nourishing it! It adds shine, and, though this isn’t advertised by AG Hair Cosmetics, it also makes your hair seem thicker!

I like this leave-in conditioner. It seems to work and is a nice change from the sprays that I usually use.

Available at salons.

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Cream Highlighter How-To Video

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Wordless Wednesday: Preen


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Wordless Wednesday: Beauty Closet

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Aveeno Oat Masks

Happy #TextureTuesday my friends! Today’s post is all about Aveeno’s new Oat Masks which came out this fall. The masks come in three variations – Glow, Soothe, and Detox. These all have oats in them which gives them this amazing texture, but also makes them super soothing on my skin.

You can find these at your local drugstore or mass merchandisers.


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Sothys Lip Duo

It’s the most gorgeous little duo from Sothys. Two creamy pigmented lipcolours.

A neutral rose brown and a deep brick red. They wear nicely alone or mixed together. Because they are so creamy, I like using my fingers to apply them because then I get a smudged wash of colour that looks pretty.

Here’s the back in case you were going shopping. The creaminess balances out the pigment and I found that the colours lasted a long time. Because these are so creamy, they’re also moisturizing on your lips even though they’re definitely lipsticks and not balms.

AT Sothys counters now.

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Bumble and Bumble Bb Glow Bond-Building Styler

Here’s my favourite product from the Bumble and Bumble Bb Glow collection that came out this fall – the collection also has a heat-protectant and a blow-dry accelerator, but I mostly let my hair air-dry so I’ve been using this and you can see by the bottle that I’ve already made a dent in how much product I’ve used!This Bond-Building Styler is a thick cream that helps repair and smooth hair, and it really works.  Not only does it fortify hair, but it helps protect if from breakage.  I have super fine hair and so I don’t always like to put thick creams in it, but I find that this cuts down on the frizzies with just a little bit of product, so I’d rather use a bit of this than lots of anything else.

It’s also a bit shimmery – more than any other styling cream I’ve tried.  I found that it left shimmer on my hands and there was also shimmer on my hair when I looked at it in the sun.  I love shimmer on my hair, so I was okay with this.  It looks so pretty.

You can find this in salons and online. $32.

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Raincry Haircare

This is the new brand of haircare that I am into right now – Raincry Haircare. Check out the beautiful packaging. The Smoothing shampoo has ingredients like Amla and jojoba oil which makes your hair more moisturized. Amla has been used in Indian haircare products for centuries, and you can find amla oil and amla soaps at any old-school Indian stores.

Anyway, the Smoothing shampoo cleans but is hydrating, and the Nutritive Conditioner is super thick and rich and just really coats each strand to nourish dry hair. All the products are Sulfate and Pthalate-free, but the shampoo still foams and feels like it’s cleaning your hair. The Nutritive conditioner has shea butter and marula oil which help hydrate. I like to use this conditioner on the mid-lengths to the ends because it is really super hydrating.

Raincry also makes brushes, and they are quite beautiful. More of a review on those coming up soon!

You can find Raincry at department stores or on their website.

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