Evan Healy Rosehip Treatment Facial Serum ROSE

Rosehip oil is a great oil for all kinds of skin, but I will say that it’s a little heavier than squalane oil and some other oils out there. Rosehip is high in antioxidants so it does help skin function better and is “antiaging”, so you can use it day or night.

Evan Healy’s Rosehip Treatment Serum (I tried it in the Rose) is a beautiful oil that you should use as the last step of your skincare routine. Because this is an oil and not a watery serum, you want to use it to lock in moisture that you’ve added into your skin instead of letting it evaporate.

The oil smells absolutely amazing – like lush roses that works with the rosehip’s actual scent instead of trying to mask it. The entire Evan Healy line is meant to help you work with the natural cycle of nature, so it’s nice that their oil also gives you a sensory experience that you can enjoy when you use the product.

You can get this oil online on their website. $34.95.

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Glossier Hand Cream

If you want 10% off, here’s a code for you to use!  https://re.glossier.com/8a0fd65b

Glossier’s hand cream is here, and they donated the first 10,000 units to front line workers during the Coronavirus Pandemic. And first things first: the beautiful packaging is totally recyclable. When you’re done with the cream, you can pop off the top, rinse out the container and throw it with the rest of your recycling. I keep seeing comments that this is a big container for a bit of cream, and that plastic is no good, but you can recycle this, and it seems a lot better than a lot of other hand cream options out there!

The Glossier hand cream is not greasy.  It absorbs into your skin quickly and then stays there hydrating it. It has meadowfoam seed oil, and a special matrix that forms a shield around your skin so that moisture doesn’t keep getting out. I mean, you’re going to have to reapply it once you wash your hands, but that’s ok.

I gotta say that the Glossier Hand Cream is good, but what I like best about it is the scent.  It’s addictive, that’s how good it is. They say that it’s based on Glossier You and I haven’t had that, so I can’t be sure how closely it matches.  But the scent along is why I keep reaching for this cream and reapplying.  I love how good this smells. It’s got notes of pink pepper, ambrette, and musk, with top notes of iris.  They say that they’ve made the hand cream scent a little lighter and fresher than the original You perfume, so that it’s easier to wear on your hands.

You can get the cream for $22 on their website.

If you want 10% off, here’s a code for you to use!  https://re.glossier.com/8a0fd65b


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Reversa Collagenique Review

Collagen is such an interesting skincare term. It’s what gives your hair and skin bounce and is basically the youth molecule. If you’ve seen a little kid with their bouncy skin and shiny hair – that’s thanks to lots of collagen. As you get older, your body stops producing so much collagen, and so that’s what your hair and nails and skin start lacking. Your skin loses its bounce, and your hair loses its shine. Nails start being brittle and dry. All this before you’re even 40.

That’s why collagen supplements are so popular, and that’s why microneedling can work. The idea is if you can somehow get more collagen into your body or get your skin to make more, then you can look more youthful.  Collagen is what’s in bone broth and that’s one of the reasons that it’s so good for you.

Reversa’s new Collagenique cream offers vegan collagen to put on your skin.  It’s also got peptides and hyaluronic acid to moiturize and nourish your skin.  After using this cream for a few weeks, I’ve got to say that as someone with oily skin, I appreciate that it absorbs into my skin almost immediately.  It has a matte finish, and your skin just feels soft and smooth after it has been absorbed. You could put sunscreen or a night oil on afterwards.  People with dry skin might find this not hydrating enough, but if you use it, just put an oil on top to seal in all the nice ingredients that are in this cream.

Available at drugstores.

$60 for 50 ml.

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Burt’s Bees Radiance Body Wash

Burt’s Bees hasn’t been on my radar for a while.  When it was hard to find in Canada, I was obsessed with it and wanted to try everything the brand offered, but now that I’ve been seeing it regularly at my local drugstore, I’m not quite so enamored.  But, they’ve still got great products!

Worth checking out is their latest release which is the Naturally Nourishing line of products. The Radiance Exfoliating Wash and the Naturally Nourishing Milk and Shea Butter Body Wash are both supremely gentle body washes that clean gently and and leave skin so soft.

Gotta love that they are both made out of natural ingredients and are mostly natural!  The Milk and Shea Butter Body Wash is 100% Natural, so if you’ve got delicate skin, you may want to check it out.

$29.59 at drugstores.

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Fleur De Lys from Estee Lauder

This is from the archive.  I remember this compact, and really wanted to love this as a blush, but I ended up not using it.  Anyone remember this from 2009?

I love love love Estee Lauder compacts.  There’s a new one every season and I can’t wait to find out what it is each time.  Every time, the compacts are different from the ones in seasons past, and I think that Quebecers will particularly love the one from their Fuscia Now collection.

The compact is called Fleur de Lys, and it features a Fleur de Lys design that’s in a purplish pink colour.  This is a compact that’s best used as a blush rather than all over, because it’s not a colour that will work for everyone used all over their face.  Blend with the cream that comes in the compact itself and add just enough to make your own pink blush.

Yay for Spring!

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Demeter Helps You Smell the Rain!

Springs showers are just hitting some places, but if your city isn’t one of them, don’t worry: you can still get in on the action with Rain from Demeter Fragrance Library.

Rain doesn’t just smell like water.  It’s a soft subtle scent that smells of warm earth and freshness in the air.  It’s a truly unisex scent because it doesn’t smell like cologne or flowers.

If you like untraditional scents or just like smelling good then this is the fragrance for you.

You can find this beautiful scent on Amazon.

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Vitamin C Packaging

All three of these bottles have 30ml of product, but I thought that it was really interesting that the Ole Henrikson bottle was HUGE.  That being said, the Ole Henrikson bottle is airless so it’s not going to oxidize the product as you’re using it.

Does packaging make a difference in what you buy? I know we feel that dropper bottles are more science-like and so the stuff inside must be better, but you’re letting air into a product every time you use a dropper bottle and that might not be a good thing.  Vitamin C is unstable to light so… something to keep in mind when you’re purchasing it.

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Aveda Dry Remedy Collection


Because I live in a dry climate, and because I guess I do wash my hair a wee bit too often, I’m always on the lookout for the next best moisturizing shampoo and conditioner line, and my latest love is Aveda’s Dry Remedy Shampoo and Masque.

They are both infused with Buriti Nut oil that nourishes your hair during wash and afterwards.

The masque is remarkable, and it actually does work, but the shampoo is pretty awesome too.  You just need a tiny bit to get a head full of lather, so you’re not dousing your hair in shampoo.  Both products are rich and creamy and smell lovely as all Aveda products do!

$32 for Conditioner, $40 for the masque, and $32 for the Shampoo.

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The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream

One of the things that I’ve been doing while I’ve been home on quarantine is going through all my drawers and bags and digging out the minis and hand creams that I’ve got stashed away.  I don’t know why I stash them but I do!  So now I’m going through them, and I found this cute The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream.

One sniff of the cream and it took me back – it smells fresh and clean like old-school Body Shop. I can see why this cream has been around forever.  It’s light and fresh and perfect for every kind of skin.  The formula has wheat germ oil in it too, and has been updated with the addition of Hyaluronic Acid.  It’s effective and made my skin feel so good.

Anyone else love a Mini?

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Givenchy Fall 2010 Collection

A look at an old fall collection from Givenchy. Loved it, and they kind of launch similar things each year, but this collection was especially pretty. Now, instead of eyeshadow quads, they have a 9 shadow palette but still with sparkly shadows.

My picks are going to be the Midnight (bottom right) and Blue (top right) quads. Smoky eyes are always in for fall, and the jewel tones are going to take this look to the next level.

The face shades (both the blush and the face powder) are called Blooming and are sheer peachy powders meant to make the skin look as if it’s glowing. They’re so pretty and easy to use.

Finally, we come to my favourites – the nail polish, lipgloss, and lipstick. All are in peachy pink tones and just make everything vibrant and pretty. The lip gloss is Blooming Lilac and Blooming Coral so they’re pretty much must-haves.

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