Avene High Protection Sunscreen Compact Demo Video

#nofilter On this @eauthermaleaveneca compact sunscreen because I wanted you guys to be able to see the color.

This is an SPF 50 tinted compact sunscreen that comes with its own sponge applicator. It’s not very pigmented and it is water resistant with broad-spectrum sun protection. I have the compact in the shade Honey. You can see from the inside of the compact that it’s kind of a light tan color that’s more cool or neutral in town.

My biggest issue with tinted sunscreen is is that they’re usually not in warm shades which means that they’re not a very good match for my skin tone. This one is quite sheer and I like to use it in the middle of the day to reapply my sunscreen but I wouldn’t use it as a foundation.

It looks great on camera so it’s nice to throw on before a zoom meeting!

Watch me demo it here.

$34.50 at Shoppers Drug Mart or wherever you buy your Avene products.

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Quo Beauty Mini Lipsticks

The best deal at the drugstore right now is from Quo Beauty, because some of the products are amazing for the price.  My favourites are these mini lipsticks. Guys, mini lipsticks should always be a thing – these lipsticks are the best size.  There’s no time to get bored of a colour because by the time you are, it’ll be finished. Isn’t that just the best?

These are $7, and I have them in the colours: All In (purple), Cherry Soda (magenta) and Bambi (peachy pink).

These are very creamy and pigmented. Richly pigmented even, and I would say that they rival every high-end lipstick I’ve tried, from Nars to Make Up For Ever. In the picture above, I’m wearing Cherry Soda on my lips and Electric Blue liquid liner on my eyelid.  I put the Electric Blue over the Black for just a little pop of colour, and you can see that it was pigmented enough to show up on my skin tone.

You can find Quo Beauty online or at Shoppers Drug Mart or Loblaws stores.

I know that some Shoppers Drug Mart stores had this line in the summer, so maybe you’ve checked some of it out.  Let me know what you thought in the comments!

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Marcelle BB Cream Review

Are you a BB Cream fan? The concept of BB Creams comes from Germany where they were used on patients who had undergone laser treatments. The BB cream was meant to provide skin treatment and cover-up in one and since then they’ve been introduced by almost every brand in a variety of formulas.


The Marcelle Cosmetics BB cream has a combination of Vitamin C and Green Tea, in a flattering base that provides just enough pigment to make skin look healthier and better, not completely covered. It’s sheer but also adds a little glow, and you can see that the medium tone is really right on!

I found this BB cream comfortable to wear and moisturizing which is what my skin likes.  Because it has no sun protection, I’m not really sure if the vitamin C or green tea are getting into my skin because the sunscreen I’m wearing underneath this is a barrier, but it is a good foundation-type product on my skin.  I think of it more like a tinted moisturizer.

Available in 3 colours – Fair, Light-Medium, and Medium.  If you’re my skin tone, medium would suit you but if you’re even a smidge darker you might find that there’s no shade available.  Because this is so sheet, each colour is forgiving.

$24.95 online.

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Giorgio Armani Face Fabric Foundation

I didn’t love Giorgio Armani Face Fabric when I first tried it.
On my skin, it did this weird, rolling thing, especially when applied with fingers.

The trick with Face Fabric is to use a damp sponge, and when applied as such, it goes on smoooooothly, thanks to its silicon base. The coverage is pretty light, but does a good job of evening out skin tone efficiently and dries to a silky finish.

I absolutely understand the hype with this foundation. It feels fantastic on the skin, and in spite of the silicon base, it never feels mask-like, and allows your skin plenty of breathing room.

The end result is skin that is smooth, flawless, and dewy – isn’t that what we’re all looking for?

$63 at the Armani counter.

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Empties Video

Here are some empties that I just finished. What did you go through this month?


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B. Kamins Bamboo and Rice Facial Polisher

Believe it or not, it is possible to find a gentle exfoliant that can be creamy but doesn’t make your skin break out.

Check out B. Kamins Bamboo and Rice Facial Polisher. This is a face exfoliant that is mild enough to use every day and night. It has gentle rice beads in a creamy and lightly foaming base, and rinses totally clean.

I know that exfoliating every day isn’t something that is usually recommended, but the beads in this are on the large side, and very smooth. I usually get redness when I exfoliate my face, but with this, all I see when I’m done is clean glowing skin. It’s made me break out less, and after a week’s worth of use, my pores are noticeably clearer.

Available online – $42.75.

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Thank Goodness for a Good SPF Moisturizer


Friends, I am loving Prevage’s newest formula with spf in it. It is called Prevage Day Ultra Protection Anti-Aging moisturizer, and yes, at over $100 it is not cheap. The thing is that the formulation is really nice especially at this time of year.

This is a fantastic moisturizer that does start off being  a little greasy and then absorbs completely into your skin.  It has SPF 30 but it’s not at all chalky or whitish on your skin, and it’s definitely not overly moisturizing like most other sunblock creams.

I love this so much that I’m waiting for Prevage to come out with a nicely formulated tinted moisturizer just for us gals that want everything in one bottle.

$165 online.

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Moroccanoil Color Depositing Mask

Ok, so this mask will work best if you have light hair – think blonde or if you have white hair that you’ve dyed and you want a colour refresh. If you’re like me with inky dark hair, this one do much. I would totally use the purple Moroccanoil mask to retone my highlights if I still had them. Ashy highlights are a lot of work and a purple hue can really go a long way to keeping things looking fresh.

The directions say to use this on washed hair, while still damp, leave in for 5-7 minutes and then wash out. I found that it was difficult to keep this on for 7 minutes, so I would use it out of the shower so that I could get the most out of this.

Available at salons, Sephora, Nordstrom, and wherever Moroccanoil is sold. Or online here for $32.

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The Body Shop British Rose Instant Glow Body Butter

I’m going through all the little mini things that I have lying around, and one was this Body Shop British Rose Instant Glow Body Butter. I don’t know why they have “glow” in the name of it – there was no shimmery or glow in my body butter, but there was a lovely fresh rose fragrance.

I read a review of a body butter that said that The Body Shop has got these down to a science. They are rich and moisturizing but not too heavy, and that’s definitely the case with this rose version. The Rose Body Butter is more rich than the Mango body butter I tried, but they’re both on the creamy side of body butters. Which is perfect. I applied after every shower, and the mini size seems to last me about a week.

Mini sizes in general are usually enough product to last about a week or so of use, so they’re perfect to take on vacation.

$21 online. 

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Lise Watier Lift and Firm Y-Zone Creams

Lise Watier has new moisturizers for your face and they are great. Here’s what you need to know: the Lift and Firm Y-Zone collection is for the face and neck. That is the Y-Zone that they speak of: the neck and the jaw-line area, and this line is meant to boost collagen in your skin which will help all those areas look more firm.

The packaging is beautiful.  Heavy glass jars in a matte pink, and a plastic scoop for getting the cream out.  The scent is luxurious and the texture of the creams is rich and thick like frosting.

The line has a night cream, and 2 day creams, one for dry skin and one for normal skin.  I’m using the dry skin version right now and I have to say that it’s moisturizing but not greasy.  I kind of love that.  The ingredient list between all 3 is similar!

Speaking of ingredients – the main “anti-aging” one in this line is Bakuchiol.  Yes, the phyto-retinol that’s become so popular in the past few years. While I don’t think that it takes the place of retinol, I have loved every bakuchiol product I’ve tried because they’re usually so moisturizing and I’m getting the clarifying, plumping action from the bakuchiol. My skin just loves that ingredient and so loves these creams! I also sometimes apply on top of my regular retinol because it can be so drying. I’m definitely waking up to better skin, which is always the goal.

Overall – I love these and I think that they’re good for any and all ages, not just if you’re over 35. The collagen in your skin actually starts to decrease after you’re 30, but different lifestyle choices can also cause you to lose collagen in your skin. For that reason, most dermatologists recommend using retinol after you’re 30, and if you’re using Bakuchiol in place of the retinol, then you could start it any time after you hit 30 years old. You get some of the same benefits as retinol but no peeling and irritation.

Available online or at Shoppers Drug Mart. $83 each.

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