Can the Tanda be Your Skincare Holy Grail?

Regular shoppers will have noticed that the Tanda is on sale at Holt Renfrew and now at Sephora. I own a system, and let me just say that it takes a LOT of time to use it and the results aren’t as forthcoming as I’d like them to be.

The Tanda
I press on this has said that you can see results (smoother skin, reduced inflammation, clearer skin) sometimes within 24 hours, but perhaps that is only in more extreme cases. I have found almost no reduction in anything after using this during problematic times, although a friend I lent it to saw a markedly significant reduction in swelling and his severe acne seemed to get a little better.

I have to follow up my own comments by saying that there is a ton of research that says that this technology actually does work and there have been clinical trials in hospitals where the Tanda did reduce swelling, but I think that if you really want this to work, you need to invest a significant amount of time and that’s something that many of us just don’t have.

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  1. Ryan says:

    Bought it and its workin good- but I cant stress the importance of a good skincare routine on top of it. I didn;t like the products given with the light, but I found when I got the products right-the tanda worked great to speed up the process. I also used the red head every other day and it sped up the healing a little.

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