3 Sunscreen Sprays – What You Need to Know Before Heading To the Drugstore

Summer is officially upon us, and the easiest way to protect yourself is by using a spray sunscreen.  Fool proof coverage that you don’t have to bother rubbing into your skin, means that there’s a higher chance that you’ll actually use it.

Here are some that you should check out… and some that you may need to avoid.

I’ll start with my favourite: Ombrelle’s Continuous Spray Sunscreen with SPF 60.  The sunscreen is light, weightless, and non-greasy.  It has no overpowering scent, which makes it perfect for both the sexes.  At $21, it’s not the cheapest kind you can buy, but it’s still not over-the-top expensive and easy to find at the drugstore.  Try this one: you’ll love it.

I also tried Aveeno’s Hydrosport sunscreen in SPF 50.  The sunscreen has a bit of an oily texture, but it’s not something that’s overly annoying so I didn’t mind it too much.  What I did mind was the overpowering scent of this sunscreen which made me want to shower so that I could escape the smell.  Friends that were with me and wore this noticed that the scent didn’t lighten as the day went on, which just made it irritating and unbearable.  (About $18 at the drugstore.)

On the other hand, there’s Vichy’s new Capital Soleil High Protection Suncare Oil SPF 30 ($29.95).  This is the first dry oil sunscreen I have tried, and just by looking at the clear bottle, I could tell that there wasn’t going to be any whitish cast to this one.  The dry oil is dry… so it’s not moisturizing at all. If you want moisturized skin, I would suggest using a moisturizer first, and then applying this sunscreen on top.  The oil is easy to spread and quickly absorbs into skin.  It provides decent sun protection while making skin look healthier.  Right now, this would be my go-to sunscreen if I was wearing a skirt or shorts, because I could get sun protection without compromising on my tan!

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1 Response to 3 Sunscreen Sprays – What You Need to Know Before Heading To the Drugstore

  1. Kathy Smith-Woodcock says:

    I am surprised about the Avene product as I have used a number of their products (not sunscreen) and they tend to have little or no scent and are designed for sensitive skin.
    I have been using the Neutrogeena spray this year and find it is quick and easy to apply and doesnt have a greasy aftrfeel. This is great for appling yourself andfor my son who doesnt like creams and hasnt got the patience for the process either. Overall they are a Godsend.
    Last year I bought some Laroche posay, qute costly and it caused major acne on my shoulders, upper arms etc, it was unbelievable. I had to treat the acne for a few weeks and the staff at Shoppers were surprised as it is usually for sensitive skin. I tried it a 2nd time for two days to be sure and it started to return. I did contact the company for a refund even though I didnt have the receipt and they were very good sent me 70 and I believe the purchase cost was only sixty, I think it was the photos that did it. I honestly was the worst case ever, couldnt even wear tank tops or anything and I had to treat with acne med for three weeks!!
    I dont like sunscreen and make it a point to wash it off my body every night when I wash my face, still get some acne, not sure if its from heat or sunscreen as I never have it in the winter and its not on my face. I may give the Aveeno a try, sometimes I try to get whats on sale if its possible. Still havent really settled on what I prefer on the face, have been using Lise Watier but it is very expensive when you consider the amount needed $39 for 30ml. Would love to hear any feedback anyone has on facial and also sprays, acne etc

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