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The Ordinary 1% Retinol in Squalene

I wrote about my The Ordinary Haul, and the first product that I opened right away was the 1% Retinol in Squalene.  Squalene is a plant-based oil that’s often found in skincare.  It’s light and feels comfortable on the skin. I’ve used retinol before and I know that it can make your skin feel a […]

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A313 – The French Pharmacy Retinol You Can Get off Amazon

Somewhere on the interwebs (reddit? maybe?) I came across the mention of A313, a retinol available in France that one could get on Amazon.  What made it unique was the pomade texture, something I hadn’t come across before and what I thought would be luxe and hydrating. It’s actually a rename of the former Avibon, […]

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Latest Empty: Paula’s Choice Resist 1% Retinol Booster

Retinols can really help your skin exfoliate more quickly and I’ve noticed enough of a difference that I keep using them.  Lately, I’ve been into the Paula’s Choice Resist 1% Retinol Booster.  1% is quite a high percentage of retinol, so this was a bit drying and extreme when I first tried it, but after […]

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Paula’s Choice Resist 1% Retinol Booster

I’m love skincare products with active ingredients, and over the past year I’ve become a huge fan of Retinol, especially in a 1% or higher concentration.  Yes, I had lots of peeling and dry skin at first, but I’ve now gotten to the point that I can use it every day and if I notice […]

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Neutrogena Dermatologics Retinol NX SPF 35 Daily Moisturizer Review

This year, Neutrogena introduced a new line called Dermatologics to their already stellar product lineup.  The Dermatologics products have retinol in them but unlike most retinol products, they claim that this is in a stabilized form so that it doesn’t irritate the skin as much as most retinol products can. For the record, I have […]

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Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Line

I’ve used Neutrogena’s Rapid Wrinkle Repair line for years, because when my skin is dry, this is a nice option that moisturizes but doesn’t feel heavy and greasy.  These are some of the few moisturizers that don’t make me break out, and I can use them alongside of my regular actives such as my Neostrata […]

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Deciem’s The Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension 23% with HA Spheres 2%

I love test-driving products from @deciem.  They don’t break the bank, but you have to order them online. Right now, I’ve been test-driving this @deciem The Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension on my nights off from Retinol. It was super grainy and dry feeling but that was just the first use. After that, it’s been smooth […]

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New CeraVe Skin Renewing Collection

CeraVe’s new line of products promises to help you get rid of wrinkles.  The Day Cream with SPF 30, the Retinol Serum, and the Night Cream are made with retinol and ceramides to help exfoliate skin and moisturize.  My favourite of the line is the Skin Renewing Day Cream with SPF 30.  I’m always on […]

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The Ordinary Haul

Here it is.  My tiny little The Ordinary haul ordered directly from the Deciem website.  I got the 7% Toning Solution, the Retinol 1% in Squalene, the 23% Vitamin C Suspension with HA, Niacinamide 10% and the Serum Foundation and the Coverage Foundation in 2.1Y. First things first, the foundation was tested for initial texture […]

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Vita Liberata Trystal Pressed Self-Tan Powder

Ok so here’s the deal with powder with self-tanner in it.  It works – but I use it on top of sunscreen and foundation so there’s really no opportunity for the self-tanner to work on my skin.  Plus, with daily retinol and vitamin C, my skin is being exfoliated pretty regularly and the idea of […]

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