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A Little About Me and My Favourite Mascara

So, I’m back into being all about my workouts these days, and it feels so good!  I feel healthier just because I’m doing something that’s good for me, and it makes the rest of the day so much better. Anybody else into the workouts like I am?  Good music is key, and it just makes the workouts go so much quicker. It even makes my skin look better, because I’m convinced that all that sweating is good for making skin really glow.  

clinique-full-to-flutter-mascaraI work out at home, so I’m not too concerned about having my makeup look good throughout a workout, but I have to say that Clinique’s latest new mascara will last through a workout and a swim and a shower!  It’s not a waterproof mascara but one of those that just needs water to come off in little tubes.  Does anyone remember the Blinc mascara that was so popular about 10 years ago?  They used to sell it at Urban Outfitters and other small shops, and it was liked because it didn’t smudge at all and you didn’t even need soap to take it off.  You just rubbed your lashes between your fingers and the mascara kind of just rubbed off in a big clump. 

Well, Clinique’s new Lash Power Flutter-to-Full mascara does exactly that.  It promises 24 hour wear (and it really can last even more than that) and needs just warm water to wash off.  It’s not a real waterproof mascara, but it can resist water if you don’t rub your eyes.  This mascara offers the ability to control how voluminous you want your lashes to look.  Turning the barrel of the mascara wand either dispenses a little bit of mascara or a lot, and I always pick the “lots” option.  The mascara is black so it makes for really dramatic lashes, and you have the ability to layer and define them before it dries.  I wish it was easier to wash off, but I’m so glad that it doesn’t smudge at all during the day that I’ll be using this for a long time. 


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