A Multitasking Handwash

All Air Canada planes stock the Fruits and Passion Globe Spa Purifying Handwash in their restrooms. The handwash not only smells good but is gentle on the hands.

Well this past winter, as I was coming back from my vacation, I ended up needing to wash makeup off on the plane. Though I had packed a Dove Cleansing Puff, I wasn’t in the mood to scrub my skin. I decided to just use the handwash in the bathroom, and I’m glad I did.

Using the handwash, I was able to remove my makeup effortlessly. Not only that, but the gentle formulation left my skin fresh not dry, and it didn’t leave behind a residue either.

If you’re on a quest to keep your bathroom a little less cluttered, this is a fantastic product to keep by the sink.

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