Aishwarya Beige Lipstick

Who remembers this lipstick and who still has it?  Wish I had taken a picture to post…

When I was in England, L’Oreal had brought out lipsticks in the signature colours of all their spokespersons. This included lipcolours that had been worn by Penelope Cruz, Milla Jovovich, and of course Aishwarya Rai. They didn’t introduce the colours as a limited-edition product – they were available all year round. Funnily enough, the Aishwarya lipstick was the one that suited me the best. It was the perfect nude lip colour – last weekend as I put it on at a baby shower, one of my friends even asked me: “Are you putting on lipstick that’s the exact same shade as your lips?” Well, yes, yes I was, but it’s the colour that I want my lips to be uniformly.

Anyway, finally I bought the lipstick because it was just too perfect a colour. As if owning the lipstick wasn’t bad enough, her autograph was on every single tube so people would know that I had the Aish lipstick whenever I took it out. Nevertheless, like I said, the colour was too perfect.


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