Aishwarya Beige Lipstick

Another cross-post.

When I was in England, L’Oreal had brought out lipsticks in the signature colours of all their spokespersons. This included lipcolours that had been worn by Penelope Cruz, Milla Jovovich, and of course Aishwarya Rai. They didn’t introduce the colours as a limited-edition product – they were available all year round. Funnily enough, the Aish lipstick was the one that suited me the best. It was the perfect nude lip colour – last weekend as I put it on at a baby shower, one of my friends even asked me: “Are you putting on lipstick that’s the exact same shade as your lips?” Well, yes, yes I was, but it’s the colour that I want my lips to be uniformly.

Anyway, I’m not a fan of Aish, and I didn’t initially want to buy the lipstick for I had pure distaste in supporting anything that she was involved with. I’m in the camp that doesn’t think that she’s done a whole lot to improve the image of Bollywood in the west. My feelings have a lot to do with her awful appearance on David Letterman where she couldn’t even be bothered to touch up her roots, and wore a hideous black dress with a brown leather jacket on it. Aish – it’s Letterman! Time to invest in a stylist, you cheapskate!

Anyway, finally I bought the lipstick because it was just too perfect a colour. As if owning the lipstick wasn’t bad enough, her autograph was on every single tube so people would know that I had the Aish lipstick whenever I took it out. Nevertheless, like I said, the colour was too perfect.

Finally, the celebrity lipcolours have been introduced here in Canada – they just came out last week. They’re limited edition colours, but let me say, I ended up, for one reason or another, going to five different Shoppers Drug Marts last week and in each and every one, the Aishwarya Rai colour was sold out. So in less than a week, her colour sold out. Is it the star power? I don’t know. To be quite honest, my neighborhood doesn’t have very many Indian people, so the likelihood of someone recognizing her on a poster is pretty slim. I think that her colour really is the best nude lipstick colour ever made! Regardless of the reason though, I think that the fact that the lipstick is selling so well is pretty amazing, so kudos to L’Oreal, a company that I’m a big fan of already.

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