All Lipbalms Are The Same: Except These Awesome Ones

Ok, so enough of the cheap drugstore stuff. The weather is seriously dry where I am, and that means that my lips need constant TLC. I’ve tried them all. They sit on my desk and I reach for a different one each day. These are the three that I have found to really make a difference.


1. Sircuit Suggah Anti-Aging Lip Treatment. This looks like a cream, not a lip balm, but don’t be fooled. This lip treatment absorbs into lips quickly and then just stayed. It doesn’t taste good so you won’t be licking it off, and because it’s not greasy it won’t come off onto a glass or a spoon while you’re drinking or eating. The treatment just moisturizes like a cream but better. It has shea butter and jojoba oil so no wonder it works so well! It will leave your lips so soft and smooth that you won’t believe it. Pick it up at for $42.

2. La Roche-Posay’s Ceralip Lip Repair Cream is a gel-like balm that isn’t a cream and not just grease. Again, it stays on your lips for a long time, and just makes them so moisturized. This is perfect for extreme weather or treatment for lips that are dry and damaged. It won’t just moisturize, this one will protect. Ingredients here are triglycerides, and they work. Pick it up at drugstores for about $15.

3. Fresh Sugar Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment is new to the line that sells the original Brown Sugar Lip Treatment. I actually like this new product better than the original because it’s not as soft, and so it stays on lips better. I found that I had to be so careful with the original, for fear of it breaking, but not so with this new Advanced Therapy Lip. It has Hyaluronic spheres that fill in cracks with moisture. Lips will be plumped and supple. This also has spf 15. Available exclusively at Sephora for $29.

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