Amy Adams in January’s Marie Claire – Makeup Inspiration

You have got to check out Amy Adams’ makeup in January’s Marie Claire. I like when redheads are polished and pretty, but I especially like the shading with the eyeshadow that they did on Adams in this issue. I am trying to do this on my own but I’m finding that it’s pretty hard to blend the shadows properly to get the perfect design. The one thing that does work is not overlapping shadows. The light one goes on the inside half of the eye, and the dark shade on the outside half, and then I use a different brush to blend them together.

Adams is my inspiration!

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3 Responses to Amy Adams in January’s Marie Claire – Makeup Inspiration

  1. Tracy S. says:

    Love the winged cut crease shadow! Do the darker shadow first-that helps to not overlap the shadows too much. Beautiful!

  2. Linnea says:

    Love it!! Love the outfit and the makeup and the hair.

  3. glamour-girl says:

    love the polka dots and her wonderful hair

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