Anew Vitale Day Lotion SPF 25

The sunscreen that I’m using on my face right now is this Anew Vitale Day Lotion in SPF 25.  It’s so smooth that the first time I used it on my kids, even they said they liked the cream because of how smooth it felt.  It offers SPF 25 broad spectrum sun protection in a formula that’s hydrating and feels comforting on your skin.  I like it so much that I can skip the moisturizer and just reach for this without worrying that it’s going to be drying on my skin .

You can get it through your Avon retailer or online, and I should tell you that although summer is not over, and you should be wearing sunscreen year round anyway, but this sunscreen is on sale right now.


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  1. Jennifer @ Mrs Q Beauty August 9, 2017 at 12:15 pm #

    I really want to try ELF’s SPF 50 moisturizer. Glad this worked for you, and didn’t feel too heavy.

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