Anna Kendrick at the 2010 SAG Awards

I wasn’t a huge fan of Anna Kendrick in Up In The Air, and found her role to be so annoying.  She looked more like a child in that movie than an adult, but it was probably more the role and less her.

Here she is looking totally grown up at the SAG Awards.  I absolutely adore this dress and had to post this picture.  The colour is fantastic and I love that it gets a bit darker towards the bottom of this dress.  This dress tells Hollywood that Anna Kendrick is here to stay, and I don’t think she could look any better.

Of course, with such a brightly hued outfit, makeup has to be simple, and I love that she chose simple accessories as well.

Let me use this opportunity to say that I didn’t love the movie Up in the Air.  I thought it was way more hyped than it should have been, and it didn’t teach me anything or open my eyes to anything at all.  Part of the hype was probably over George Clooney, and of course he did a good job in it, but it was a typical George Clooney movie and nothing to get that excited about.  I would take another Ocean’s movie over Up in the Air any day.

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