Annabelle Le Big Show Mascara Review

My recent experience with mascara has been hit and miss, especially when it comes to those big names.  You know the ones I mean.

And then there was this surprise hit from Canadian brand Annabelle.  Le Big Show mascara has all the makings of a truly great perfomer: it gives you lush lashes in just a couple of sweeps.  It’s hard to use this mascara wrong. If you’re happy with one coat, that’s great, but I like to use multiple coats, and this mascara layers very well.  It does not get clumpy at all, and the brush is thick but not too thick.

But the best part?  It is completely smudge-proof and flake free.  This is a truly long wearing mascara that can keep up with your days no matter what.

At $9.95 in drugstores, this is one of the best affordable mascaras out there!

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