Anne Hathaway, Holiday Party Inspiration

Of course, Anne Hathaway gets to ditch her squeaky clean look for the Elle UK cover.  She is my holiday party inspiration because her look seems fairly simple but it’s so well thought out.  I love the sequins of course, and anything shiny is my cup of tea.

But I’m also loving her smoky eye because it’s a smoky blue instead of gray!  It’s a little unexpected and will surely make her brown eyes pop.  Also check out the white nail polish she is wearing.  It’s clean and crisp and so perfect for the winter because it mirrors snow.  Anne wears it with a gold dress, but white is a neutral and it would go with anything you wear.

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4 Responses to Anne Hathaway, Holiday Party Inspiration

  1. When I first scrolled down and saw only her head and shoulders I thought: wow shoulders!. The dress puffs out a bit at the shoulders. But scrolling down to see the rest of the dress I thought: aaahhh, now that’s a perfectly proportioned dress! The shoulders, the plunging ‘v’ and the tie bow at the waist – brilliant!

  2. Henna says:

    I know! So many great details coming together to make an amazing dress.

  3. jemma says:

    Do you have this magazine? Can you post what makeup she is wearing?

    I love the smoky blue, I totally want that shade. Her lips look like Mac’s Myth…maybe slightly pinker though?

  4. Henna says:

    Hey Jemma,

    I don’t have the mag, sorry!

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