Armani Code

armani code perfumeArmani Code is my perfume of choice today. To be honest, I can’t smell anything particular in the opening notes, but the drydown is a warm musky vanilla that’s not at all sweet. I’ve seen this described as a powerful fragrance better suited for night, but I think that you wear scents depending on your mood and these days I always feel like wearing a warmish scent.

Armani Code comes in an Eau de Parfum so it really does last a long time. It gets better and better as it wears too, so make sure you try this for a day. Chances are that at the end of the day, you will absolutely love it like I do. It’s easily available at drugstores, department stores, and other perfume retailers.

$136 for 75ml.

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  1. marnie says:

    I love this scent and wear it quite often when I go out at night. However, I can’t stand perfume during the day… so I never wear anything.

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