Augustina at Anthropologie

If you’ve lived in Toronto and have shopped in the trendy Yorkville area, then you must be familiar with Augustina.  It’s definitely a shopping destination off the beaten path, but it has the most unique accessories.  In 2006, they collaborated with perfumer Susan Lang, and created 3 perfumes, named after Toronto streets: Woodlawn, Roxborough, and Avondale.

Avondale “evokes an urban oasis with its winding street, cobblestone and ivy covered walls.”

Roxborough (my favourite) “is a vibrant street with an alleé of grand maple trees that create a living canopy.”

And Woodlawn is a woody blend of lime and moss.

The scents have now been picked up by huge retailer Anthropologie, and are available online through the Anthropologie website!  Each scent is unique and so pretty, so I encourage you to try them out, at least in roller ball form which retails for $30.

Full reviews coming later!

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2 Responses to Augustina at Anthropologie

  1. Emma September 18, 2018 at 7:02 pm #

    I’ve finally used up all my Avondale (blue Augustina) perfume. Where and how do I get more? It is my absolute favorite scent and I need it in my life.

  2. Henna October 10, 2018 at 7:32 am #

    HI Emma

    I did a quick search but I couldn’t find the scents. The Augustina boutique is in Toronto so I would get in touch with them and ask them about their scents and see if they have any extras floating around.

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