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Kevin Murphy Smooth Again Anti-Frizz Treatment

This is what my hair loves: Kevin Murphy Smooth Again Anti-frizz Treatment.  It’s one of those hair treatments that again, laminates your hair.  I really like this effect on my hair because my hair just stays the way that it’s … Continue reading

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CND’s Nail Treatment Works!

I’ve never bought that nail polishes which claim to repair damaged nails really work, but I do have a finger that has a persistently peeling nail so I’ve tried almost everything out there and truly nothing ever worked.  I think … Continue reading

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How To Take Care of Your Nails During Quarantine

Are you now forced to take a break from your gel or shellac nails? Want to know how you can grow your nails so that they’re strong and healthy? I have a video from that – it was a request … Continue reading

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MAC N Collection

Here’s a MAC collection that I loved when it came out. Neutrals. It’s from 2008, but I think we’re going to go back to these colours because things are going to be subdued. The industry might want to go towards … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to Me!

Today’s my birthday! What did I get for my birthday, you ask? For the past few years, every year around my birthday I get a new perfume. I don’t know how it started or why, but I like the concept … Continue reading

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Full Face Care from Spectro

Everyone wants to know what kind of cleanser they should be using and I guess it makes sense. Although switching your cleanser shouldn’t really make a huge change change in the condition of your skin, it is a product that … Continue reading

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Make Your Own Beauty Products

Every once in a while a friend will suggest that we have some kind of get together where we make beauty products. You’ve seen the kits that help you make your own lip products and the like and you could … Continue reading

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Best Products of March Video

I know that we’ve been home for most of March, but here’s what I keep coming back to.  And the update is that I’m still getting ready everyday and I love that.  Makes me so productive during the day. I … Continue reading

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Lancome La Base Pro

If you find that your foundation doesn’t go on as smoothly as you’d like, then what you need is a makeup primer!  While some can be mattifying, there’s Lancome’s version, called La Base Pro, which is more of an intense … Continue reading

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Should I Use a Top Coat for My Nail Polish?

Should you use a top coat on your nail polish? Short answer: yes! A top coat can make your nail polish last longer and makes it look shiny and professionally applied. For best results, use a thin coat after allowing … Continue reading

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