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High End Cotton Pads

Have you guys heard of @MujiCanada?  It’s a Japanese store that claims to sell no brand things – except they are all Muji brand.  There’s one in Yorkdale Mall in Toronto and when I went this summer, I prepared to stock up on the essentials.  It was kind of like Ikea.  The Ikea in Calgary […]

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I Was the Last to Find Zoella Beauty

Yup, I was the last one to find out about Zoella Beauty.  I now know that she has a hugely popular Youtube channel, but the fact is that I don’t really spend a lot of time on Youtube.  It gets to be a lot of the same after a while, but I know that you […]

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Reversa Anti-Spot Brightening Serum

One of my favourite brands I’ve tried in the past year has to be Reversa – it’s made with ingredients proven to work, with products available in a variety of formulas for all skin types. Recently, faced with dry skin and needing to lighten some hyperpigmentation from the summer, I turned to the Reversa Anti-Spot […]

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All Done: L’Oreal Brow Stylist Definer

My favourite product that I didn’t blog about, probably because I thought it wasn’t cool enough.  But I like it so good that I’ve used it every single day consistently because it made my brows look done but not fake. What really kept me coming back is the little brush on the end of the […]

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Anew Firming Sheet Mask with Royal Jelly Essence

How do you guys feel about sheet masks?  Do you like them or hate them?  To be honest, I feel like I could take them or leave them, because the recommended time on them is so long.  I’d rather do a mask for 5 minutes and be done with it, but most sheet masks recommend […]

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Fall Beauty: Beautycounter Tint Skin Foundation

I really fluctuate between tinted moisturizer and foundation.  I definitely like the look of foundation, but in the summer, and when I have dry skin, tinted moisturizer is better. Beautycounter’s Tint Skin Foundation hits all the marks with my skin – it helps it by moisturizing but gives it the great coverage that foundation should. […]

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Revlon Makes a Blending Brush

Did you know that Revlon makes brushes?  Well they do, and you can believe that they’re affordable and different than whatever else is out there. I love their Professional Blending Brush, because it’s just like a Beauty Blender but it’s on a wand which makes it just a bit easier to maneuver.  Just like a […]

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Elizabeth Arden Cool Glow Cheek Tint

Elizabeth Arden’s new Gelato Crush collection has a set of cool new lip liners and glossy lip tints, but the star of the line is their new Cool Glow Cheek Tints.  These are the perfect antidote to a powdery cheek that no one is feeling this time of year.  Gone are the matte blushes of […]

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Dior Double Rouge Lipstick

Are you guys into the metallic lipstick trend? I’m not.  I didn’t like it in the ’90’s and I’m not really feeling it now either.  It just doesn’t jive with my aesthetic which goes between matte red to glossy pink to a pop of raspberry. But when Dior came out with Double Rouge, I had […]

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Neostrata Adds to Acne Care Line

I’ve been into using Neostrata skincare products since I discovered that there are lots of great skincare ingredients that can make a different on problematic skin, especially skin that has acne on it. Their Acne Clear line is second-to-none because it contains salicylic acid in it, and now in addition to having a cleanser and […]

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