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Herbal Essences Clarifying Shampoo

I was going to write about Herbal Essences much earlier, but I’m glad I waited because today I got the best response ever: “Hey, your hair smells nice today!” “Really?” “Yeah, what is that, Herbal Essences?” “Actually, it is Herbal Essences!” This came after I used their shampoo and conditioner. Their scent together wasn’t too […]

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CoverGirl Fantastic Lash Mascara

Today I’m wearing CoverGirl’s Fantastic Lash Mascara in Blue Black. Snaps to CoverGirl for most accurate colour name – though it looks like a navy on the wand, the mascara itself goes on like a true blue black! That in mind, the formulation of this mascara is very dry – you know how some mascaras […]

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Sharon Bolton Scents

Sharon Bolton is a Canadian living in Santa Barbara, California (lucky duck) and has a line of coordinated body care products that come in difference scents. I tried the line of products in the scent called Luv and let me tell you that I could not stop smelling myself afterwards. But first, a little bit […]

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Matrix Shade Memory

So I’ve tried the Matrix Shade Memory system. Matrix is a line of products sold only in salons and their Shade Memory line is a new one designed to help you take care of your hair after adding colour to it. I tried the Brunette line for warm tones. The shampoo and conditioner are so […]

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Philosophy’s Sweet Coconut Body Butter

I’ve mentioned before that I adore products that smell like coconut so when Philosophy Sweet Coconut Milk Body Butter hit the Sephora shelves, I had to try it for myself. All I can say is: mmmm, pure yumminess. If you want to try a coconut cream but have had a hard time finding one that […]

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A Girl’s Best Friend

Seriously, y’all, clarifying shampoos are a girl’s best friend. If you’re ever going through a time when you feel that your hair is looking a little lifeless and lusterless, just use a shampoo that claims to take a lot of gunk out of your hair. Your hair might be a little frizzier because there’s nothing […]

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Happy Birthday to Me!

Today’s my birthday! What did I get for my birthday, you ask? For the past few years, every year around my birthday I get a new perfume. I don’t know how it started or why, but I like the concept of every year having a particular scent associated with it. It all started when I […]

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Jennifer Lopez

I came across this picture of Jennifer Lopez and had to post it. Her hair and makeup look flawless (and yes, there are times when it doesn’t). She’s wearing false lashes, of course, but what I love is that her eye is smoky but not. There’s definitely a lot of drama going on there, with […]

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Lush Tramp

The thing I love about Lush Cosmetics is that they really listen to their customers. No, that doesn’t mean that you fill out a survey and get a message saying “Thank you for your time!” What that means is that if enough customers want something, they’ll get it. Case in point: Tramp Shower Gel. It […]

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Lancome Miracle Forever

Lancome’s Miracle Forever was only added to the Lancome line of perfumes this year. Though I’ve heard that the perfume was meant to appeal to a younger audience, I found no sweetness or ephemeral citrus notes that are usually found in those scents. Miracle Forever has a peppery note that’s a bit of a bite […]

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