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Costume Institute Gala 2007: Makeup Hits and Misses

Why look to celebs dressed for a night out, one might ask. More often than not, their makeup is professionally done anyhow, and their looks might be difficult to replicate. Well, besides the fact that it’s fun, and although makeup artists are for the most part well-trained experts, mistakes do happen and sometimes, what looks […]

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Scarlett Nails

Behold a recent picture of Scarlett Johansson, who, it seems, can do no wrong. Overall, I think her look is a little off. The peach blush just below the apples instead of on them, the matching eyeshadow and lipstick, the blonde hair and the dark dark brows – the whole thing makes one wonder whether […]

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Body Shop Concealer

You need to check out @theBodyShopCA for a great concealer in colours that actually look like skin. You know that something is good when you can finish it all up and you buy more.  On that same note, how much do we love a concealer that blends easily with your fingers but stays on the […]

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CoverGirl Fantastic Lash Mascara

Today I’m wearing CoverGirl’s Fantastic Lash Mascara in Blue Black. Snaps to CoverGirl for most accurate colour name – though it looks like a navy on the wand, the mascara itself goes on like a true blue black! That in mind, the formulation of this mascara is very dry – you know how some mascaras […]

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Sharon Bolton Scents

Sharon Bolton is a Canadian living in Santa Barbara, California (lucky duck) and has a line of coordinated body care products that come in difference scents. I tried the line of products in the scent called Luv and let me tell you that I could not stop smelling myself afterwards. But first, a little bit […]

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Happy Birthday to Me!

Today’s my birthday! What did I get for my birthday, you ask? For the past few years, every year around my birthday I get a new perfume. I don’t know how it started or why, but I like the concept of every year having a particular scent associated with it. It all started when I […]

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Celebrity Products

I admit it. I occasionally read gossip blogs. Reading them is like going through a picture book – tons of great photos without a lot of writing. The attraction to them is similar to that of a bag of m&m’s. You know they’re full of empty calories but they’re oh-so-hard to resist! Anyway, last week […]

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The Best Part of Your Week

I have a Conair Foot Spa! Why the exclamation mark, you ask? Because I think that this is a product that every girl wants at some point, and considers getting, but then some how never gets around to it. “If I want a pedicure, I’ll just go and get it done,” she thinks to herself. […]

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Good Things

They say that good things come to those who wait, and in this case, if you’ve been waiting for more product reviews, today’s your lucky day! I’ve been meaning to talk about a few new products that I’ve been using recently, so today’s the day that I’m going to talk about them. If you want […]

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MAC Select Tint

MAC Select Tint is what I tried first – this tinted moisturizer picks up where some other brands leave off since it is offered in so many colours. Like the rest of the MAC line, the shades are spot on and since this is a sheer tint, it’s easy to find one that works. If […]

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