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Naturally Luminous: Meet the New Members of Cover Girl’s Trublend Family

I’ve long been wary of products with shimmer in them. Some of them tend to make you look all shimmery like a Christmas tree ornament. Yes, ornaments are pretty and nice to look at, but all that shimmer makes it so obvious that you’re wearing makeup! Well, the cosmetics industry is learning and not every […]

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Pantene Conditioner

When I was in India, I mentioned that I missed my Pantene conditioner. It’s pretty clear that Pantene conditioners are what we think of when we need something to care for dry and damaged hair. I personally love Pantene’s Brunette Expressions conditioners. They’re thick and rich and come in huge bottles. Also, ounce for ounce, […]

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Rainy Day Mascara

The problem with some waterproof mascaras is that they don’t live up to the quality of their regular counterparts. They either clump or don’t perform at all. Still, good waterproof mascaras do exist and it’s important to have one at this time of year since it’s going to be snowing outside! As I walk through […]

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Canadian Beauty News: January 19, 2007

Lets start this week’s edition of Canadian Beauty News by talking about Black (or dark) nail polish. Chanel’s introduction of Ceramic Noir pretty much seals the deal – this trend is around for another season. A full six months after the trend began, Canadian Retailers are saying: “Hey! You know what we need to stock? […]

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Lush Shampoo Bars

I’ve mentioned that Lush’s Soak and Float Bar is a great dandruff shampoo, but the fact is that I’m a fan of all their shampoo bars. I notice that these bars clean well but don’t dry my hair out and they all smell so original! Some of you may be concerned that a bar shampoo […]

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Um, That’s Not Snow…

Yes, I am talking about dandruff today. I realize that it’s a taboo subject in beauty circles, but we all suffer from it at some point in our lives. It’s either from the cold weather, or from stress, or using a shampoo that’s not great for our scalp. I, myself, once decided to remedy the […]

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Johnson’s Baby Oil Gel

The winter season is upon us and although it hasn’t been too cold here in Canada until recently, indoor heating can lead to dry skin. For us darker girls, that means visibly flaking skin which, if left untreated, looks horrible when you’re wearing those black tights that are so popular these days. Finding a moisturizer […]

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Dark Eye + Nude Lip

This is a picture of the beautiful Eva Longoria and I just had to post it. This is how a dark eye design is supposed to be done. Notice the pale pale lipcolour and the addition of blush on the cheeks to make her look healthy. The dark eye paired with the nude lip colour […]

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Help Dry Skin – While in the Shower

There’s one product that I insisted on carting back with me when I was in school abroad last year – Olay Body Wash with Body Butter Ribbons. First of all: see the packaging and how the bottle seems to be covered with a swirly design? Well that’s not a design – that’s actually the product […]

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I Read the Ingredients on the Bottle (And Why You Should Too)

When I was in India, I came across a brand of cosmetics that claimed to be chock full of natural ingredients. Intrigued, I perused some of the offerings for their body care line and saw a sunscreen lotion. Like I usually do, I turned the bottle over and scanned the ingredients list. Would you believe […]

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