Aveda Sensory Journey

I went on the Aveda Sensory Journey and I think that you should too. The journey is really simple and it’s made to help you find your favourite scent without you using any of your usual biases towards scents or scent families.

Every Aveda location does the Sensory Journey and you first have to fill out a questionnaire asking you what your skin type is and what your other tendencies are (ex. are you hot a lot, does your skin burn easily, do you follow routines, etc.). I think that the point of all these questions is to balance you out by introducing you to ascent that is contrasting to your nature.

So, you fill out their questionnaire, and then they figure out what “nature” you are. Then they ask you to sit in a chair, close your eyes, and smell a few different scents. To each one, you say “yes”, “no”, or “not today”.

That is the part that can be slightly confusing, because most of Aveda’s scents smell really good. Good to the point that you could keep smelling them and not get tired because they’re so organic and fresh smelling. It really was difficult for me to pick one I liked the best, and there were only a couple that I didn’t really like – and even for those I was unsure.

At the end, I went for the scent that I had smelled first: Water #6 which is also the scent of their Shampure shampoo. I love it. The notes are ylang ylang and coriander among other things and I was suprised that I didn’t go for the one that was sandalwood and jasmine since that is what I’m usually drawn to in a perfume.

Overall I think the survey is not needed and if you were going through this journey, I suggest that you just sit there and smell everything they have with your eyes closed. Find the one you like without wonndering weather it’s fiery enough for you.

The best part is that whatever scent you pick can be put into shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, scrub, massage oil, fragrance oil, or an eau base. Phew! Is that enough options for you?

I love this idea – it’s layering at its best. Shower with products that smell the same, and if need be top up with a spritz of the scent. Make each just as strong or as light as you want, and you’re good to go!

I think that going through an experience like this pretty much ensures that you’re going to find a scent that you love and one that could even become your signature.

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