Aveeno Protect + Hydrate Sunscreens

I have to give a shoutout to Aveeno, because the Protect + Hydrate are some of my favourite sunscreens.  They’re moisturizing, they absorb quickly, and they’re easy to use.  The Protect + Hydrate sunscreens come in three versions – SPF 30, SPF 45, SPF 60 – and you can tell by looking at my picture that the SPF 30 is the one I liked the most.  

Although the lotions are wearable, light even, and pleasant on your skin, as expected the higher you go up in SPF, the thicker and heavier they get, and the more you need to work to rub them into your skin.  So, my advice is to stick to the SPF 30, since scientists do say that the higher SPF is a negligible return on protection.

Use a lotion that you really like, and the chances are that you’ll wear it regularly, and that was definitely the case with these sunscreens.  I used about a bottle a week on myself and my kids, and I sent them out for the day knowing that they were totally protected.

$12.99 at drugstores and mass merchandisers.


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