Avon Anew Ultimate Gold Peel-Off Mask

There’s getting to be a problem with Instagram beauty is that it can often be overdone so that it doesn’t even seem real anymore, and that’s definitely the case when you see people masking or applying drops of highlighter on themselves before covering themselves up with foundation, powder, and whatever else it might take to look good.

Avon’s Anew Ultimate Gold Peel-Off Mask gives us a gold mask at an affordable price: $24.99, and promises to hydrate and nourish skin.

It has some hydrators in it, but really this mask didn’t do anything for myself, and it’s actually one of the rare Avon products that I tried and didn’t like.  What I realized when I applied this mask was that you need a ton of product to get it to really peel off nicely, and when you apply a ton of product on your skin, it takes forever to dry, so 20 minutes into using this mask, I didn’t like how it felt anymore, and it was time to take it off, which I did via washing it the old-fashioned way.

I tried again with a thinner layer, and it was ok, but still not great.

Skip on this for now.

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