Avon Skin So Soft Satin Glow

I’m almost done with self-tanning my skin, but then the weather gets a little warm again and I can’t help but put a bit of a tint on my skin.

These days, because the weather is a little dryer, I’m finding myself turning to a gradual self-tanner because they have the ability to hydrate and self-tan at the same time, and Avon’s Skin-So-Soft Satin Glow self-tanner is perfect for that.  It’s a clear glyceryin-based gel that goes on slick and sinks into your skin to keep moisture in.

The self-tan bit doesn’t develop for a few days (3 in most cases) and regular application ensures that your tan stays and doesn’t fade.  Otherwise, the colour normally washes off in about a week.

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  1. This is interesting, and I’ll have to check it out. I don’t normally self tan, but I like the thought of gradual tanning.

    Jennifer | Mrs Q Beauty

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