B. Kamins Bio Maple Lactic-10

I use AHA products on a weekly basis, and I’ve been looking for an effective product to alternate AHA’s with. This way, a 10% AHA cream is still effective on my skin weeks later, without having to switch to something more concentrated or having to get a professional peel done for similar results. I found what I was looking for in B. Kamins Bio Maple Lactic-10, a home peel that contains lactic and salicylic acid.

I used the product for 3 weeks, alternating it with using an AHA acid the first night, and oil-free moisturizer the second night, and the Lactic-10 solution on the third night. This worked beautifully for me – my skin was clearer almost instantly, not to mention brighter and smoother. My only issues were that the product felt a bit sticky and smelled like sour yogurt until it dried. A small price to pay for gorgeous skin.

After using the product, I actually remembered that my grandma would make me a homemade yogurt mask to deal with my breakouts in my teen years. It was pretty effective, and I kicked myself for not putting two and two together and realizing that lactic acid was the reason why it worked, and products with the ingredient would be a great AHA substitute for me.

My favourite way to use any AHA or BHA is to cleanse my skin and use a mild scrub first. That way, I get this tingly clean sensation when I apply the product, a feeling I love because it makes me feel like the product is working. I wouldn’t recommend this for sensitive skin types because it could be too harsh and irritating. I also love using these products before a hot yoga class – my skin looks amazing afterwards!

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2 Responses to B. Kamins Bio Maple Lactic-10

  1. Barb says:

    which aha cream do you use? do you find this regime removes blackheads as well?

  2. Henna says:

    Hey Barb,

    AHA creams help with blackheads but don’t get rid of them completely. I really like Cosmedix AHA cream but Reversa makes an excellent AHA toner as well.

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