Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week – Backstage at Thuy

We love the designer Thuy, and what we love even more as a makeup look is berry stained lips and a matte face.  When we saw the look at Thuy, we knew it was a winner and wanted to recreate it at home. The eyes are topped with a sheer gold shadow that is barely there.

Makeup Forever’s makeup artist Lottie was the key makeup artist for the show and this is how she did the look:

Eyes:  To create a sheer, shimmery gold wash on the eyes, Star Powder #920 was applied to the entire eye area starting at the lid and extending beyond the brow and temple.  Pan Cake Foundation #3 was then applied to the temples to illuminate the skin.  The eyes were finished with Smoky Lash Mascara on both the top and bottom lashes.

Lips:  Lottie mixed Flash Color #1 with a hint of Flash Color #17 to get a matte, blood red stained mouth.  She applied the Flash Color with her finger tips to blot it onto the mouth.

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