Beat the Heat with Mattifying Potion

For the days when you know your makeup is going to melt off, your best defense needs to start at your skincare.

At best, skincare should include not only mattifying agents but also treatment so that you end up with better skin after the melt down’s over!

My solution this summer comes from Marcelle. Their Hydra-C Ultra-Light Mattifying Fluid has been a godsend. It comes in the form of a light gel which provides immediate gratification. The fluid just seems to sink into the skin while giving it a refreshing cooling feeling. Leaving skin with a totally matte finish, the gel also has vitamin C in it which is a natural antioxidant. Not only does the gel absorb any oil that comes to the surface of my skin, but it’s also protecting my skin from outside stressors.

The gel also has proven skin savers like Aloe Vera Gel, and Hyaluronic acid which means that just because I’m matte doesn’t mean that my skin’s going to be dried out at the end of the day.

Apply powder on top and you’ll definitely make it to fall.

Marcelle is sold at drugstores and is available for $23.95. The Hydra-C line also includes a Hydrating Gel ($23.95), a Moisturizing Cream ($23.95), Cleansing Cloths ($12.50) and Perfect Fusion makeup ($16.95).

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