Benefit All You Need is Gloss

I absolutely love Benefit glosses – they are my favourite this year because they’re not sticky and seem to have just the right amount of pigment.  They kind of wear more like a sheer liquid lipstick rather than a true gloss because some of the colours don’t even have a lot of shine to them.

If you know of someone who loves gloss as much as I do, give them Benefit’s All You Need is Gloss set.  You get 6 pretty glosses that you can mix and match into sets that work for you.  I prefer using the pinks together and don’t get much use of the bronze and gold glosses, and Benefit lets me carry 2 of my favourite combos together. Want to know my favourite?  Check out the pink and gold gloss that’s at the bottom right hand corner of the box.  So pretty.

The set comes for about $40 – it would be the perfect gift for someone at work if it comes within your gift-giving budget!

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