Benefit High Beam – Worth the Hype?

I got this reader question this weekend:

I know you like Benefit products, and I’ve read a lot about their
“High Beam” highlighter in magazines, but I can’t decide if it’s worth
the price — do you know if it lives up to its hype?

Yes, it’s true, j’adore anything Benefit – especially their Dallas Blush – but, their products can be rather pricey. The High Beam retails for $24 (US) which is kind of expensive for something that you’re probably not going to use every single day.
high beamI gotta say that the High Beam is a well formulated product – it’s a nice light formulation and does add a nice amount of glow without making you look overly shimmery or sparkly.

Is it worth the price? Yes and no.

It has a sheer texture, it lasts the whole day, and it even mixes into moisturizer or foundation and gives those a nice glow, so if that’s for you, then it’s hard to beat!

I hope that helps!

High Beam is available at Sephora and other Benefit retailers for $24.

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  1. Karen says:

    Take a look at Red Earth’s Secret Potion. It’s very similar to Benefit’s Highbeam at a much lower price and is available at Shoppers Drug Mart. I would almost venture to say it’s better than Highbeam!

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