Benefit Thrrrob

I was just on the Benefit website and they are introducing a new blush called Thrrrob in the new year. Here is what the copy on the Benefit website states:

“Turn on the flush, turn up the rush… with thrrrob, our new “turned on” face powder. This pulse-racing pink powder simulates the natural flush you get when your heart races. With accompanying brush, lay it on light across cheekbones, forehead and chin. Then sit back & let the excitement begin! It’s a turn on!”

I’m confused – it seems that when you get more physical activity, and perhaps when your face gets warmer, this blush gets more pink. But isn’t that exactly when you don’t want to draw attention to your face? Plus, how are we to try this on in stores and see whether the colour works for us or not if the results aren’t immediate?

I’ll say this much: Benefit knows how to create hype and I’m going to try this blush when it hits the shelves.

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  1. sharon December 31, 2007 at 7:13 pm #

    best blush ever.
    have never spent that much on any make up but have no regrets.
    will try this if i can find it locally.
    happy new year!

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