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Yes, it’s the new year, but we’re still loving some products from last year so we thought we’d tell you what they are.

This is the best eyeliner ever, and it is available at your drugstore!

I gifted this perfume to a friend and she has received countless compliments on it.  Should I have worn it myself?

If you learn one makeup application trick this year, let it be contouring.  We posted how-to’s here and here.  There’s also a really great matte brown contouring colour in this kit.

We love these products for men – they will give them cleaner clearer skin fast!

Want to spruce up your skin for this year – check out our how-to on how you can get glowing skin.

The best body lotions you can use – we’re all out of Borba and seriously thinking of stocking up, while the Vaseline one has kept our cuticles at bay this winter.

This is one eyeliner that you should not purchase – it is just way too difficult to apply and we wonder how Diane Von Furstenberg uses her Kohl liner?

Did you already see Kirsten Stewart of Twilight and her makeover?

There’s a new eyeshadow primer and it really works – we like the packaging more than anything else, because it seems like you get more of the product.

Finally, this is probably one of the best books that I read in 2009.

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