Best Summer Products

It occurred to me that it’s now July which means that summer is in full force!  Even in Calgary, which is wintery most times of the year, we’re having some super hot days and that means going out and about and generally enjoying the weather.

So, here is my checklist of favourite beauty products for the summer.  They will help you look your best and really take care of your skin.

1. Sunblock.  I totally get it: everyone wants to be tan in the summer, and it seems that being tan leaves you feeling and looking healthier and more active.  But, even when you’re out in the sun, wear some kind of sunblock to protect from the harmful rays of the sun which get harsher and harsher each year.  My favourite sunblock so far is Dermaglow’s SPF 70 Sun Cream.  It’s awesome because despite the high spf, there’s absolutely no whitish residue and you can layer makeup on top of it so easily.

2. Self-Tanner.  See above for explanation on why being tan feels right in the summer.  And now run out and get L’Oreal’s Pro Self-Tanning Mist which can spray even as you hold it upside down.  Plus the tan is not at all orange and develops over 24 hours. Amazing stuff and all at a drugstore price!

3. Bright nail colour.  As far as a bright nail polish goes, it’s hard to pick a favourite, because there are so many nice ones out there.  One of my favs has to be Lancome’s Ms. Pretty Pink because it’s bright pink without being neon.

4. A great summer eyeshadow palette.  My favourite is Dior‘s because it includes the usual golds but also has a pretty mauve-taupe colour.

5. A great moisturizer.  Sitting in the sun can be drying for your skin, so you need to make sure that you keep your skin looking great with moisturizer.  I love Lush’s Creme Anglaise because it smells just like a Lush story and is a light moisturizer that’s still effective.

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