Bio-Oil Celebrates an Anniversary

Bio-Oil is celebrating its 10 year anniversary in Canada this year!  Did you know that it has been around for that long?!

Looking back, it’s kind of amazing that Bio-Oil was at the beginning of the oil trend.  Now, we’re used to seeing oils in makeup, face care, and of course for the body – there are even primers that are oil-based and they actually work – but Bio-Oil came before it all, and that’s kind of amazing.

It’s the original oil that was recommended for scars and stretch marks before there was any other treatment.  The oil is mainly a mineral oil base which is enriched with vitamin A, E, and and other herbal oils so create a blend that applies skin care ingredients while sealing in moisturizer.  It’s very light because it’s mineral oil, and best used on skin that’s still damp from the shower.

Pick Bio-Oil up at the drugstore, along with this cute little Bio-Oil mini that’s 25ml and perfect if you just want to treat smaller scars or using on the go.  

Available at drugstores. 

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  1. Searched All of Craigslist May 29, 2018 at 2:14 pm #

    10 years in Canada! I don’t know where I would be without Bio Oil during my pregnancies. My first child is now 11 and I remeber having to search craigslist and kijiji to see if anyone had some. I was lucky and found a 1/2 used bottle. Luckily, for the second child I could just walk into walmart and buy it. No strechmarks! 🙂

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