Bio Sculpture Vintage Poetry Nail Polish Collection

This is the prettiest collection of nail polishes, and if you’re interested in finding them, you can go to the Bio Sculpture website and fill out a form to find a salon near you.

Here’s the whole range of colours:

They are all so good and just the right shades for this season.  FYI, if you go on TikTok even for 5 minutes, you’ll run into a video where some big name is wearing this exact shade of blue.  This is called Blue Balad – it is creamy, rich, and goes on so smoothly.

I really loved the colour, and then I used Sapphire Song to add some oomph, and that’s the glitter polish that you see above.  On my nails is just 1 coat.  2 coats will give you a fully covered glitter nail which is actually hard to find in a polish.

The pale pink is called Lyrics of a Lily and it’s also really pretty.  It looks just like your nails and I think it would look especially stunning on longer nails because it would make your fingers look so long. I loved this colour too!  It’s not trendy so it’s always going to be in rotation for me.

The reddish colour is Poetic Poise, and I thought it looks really sophisticated.  I wanted this to be peachy but I was pleasantly surprised that it went on a bit red, and I do like it on.  I think this would a great colour for going into fall.

Olive Garden (below) is also a great colour and very trendy – this sage green is the colour of my favourite t-shirt right now but it wasn’t my favourite colour of the collection.

This collection has everything and I love the quality of the polishes.  All the colours went on so smoothly which is nice to see.  It’s a thoughtfully formulated collection and line of products.

I hope you enjoyed these swatches and you like them as much as I do.

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