Matrix Biolage Airdry Glotion

Guys, this summer has been the year that haircare brands are jumping on the air dry bandwagon, and for those of us with curly frizzy hair that doesn’t like being straightened when there’s so much humidity in the air, it’s about time.  I mean, air drying your hair isn’t a new thing, but I love that companies are now making products specifically for those of us who air dry our hair.

The Biolage Aidry Glotion is a spray bottle of lotion and leave-in conditioner in one.  It’s meant to hydrate and add shine, not unlike a leave-in, and make it so that your hair looks nice without a blowdry. While this certainly added tons of shine and even hydrated my hair, it wasn’t enough for me to air dry my hair with it.  My hair is ultra-frizzy, curly, and has been coloured so there’s damage because of that.  I need something that’s heavier to tame the frizz, so I layer this with serum and a light-hold gel that keeps the frizz at bay and makes my hair stay the way I style it.

This is a great leave-in, the scent is light and pleasant, but if you’ve got frizz in your hair, then you might need something heavier.


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