Biotherm Skin Ergetic Serum Review

I have to say that I am a serum girl. Serums give you all the moisture without any of the greasiness, and they usually have a higher concentration of active ingredients than the skin creams that are a part of their lines.

For the past few weeks, I have been using Biotherm Skin Ergetic Serum.

I was intrigued because it promises to make skin look more radiant, and I feel like in the middle of winter, that’s just what I’m looking for.

Biotherm says that this is “an innovative and potent serum harnessing an unprecedented level of fresh sulforaphane derived from the broccoli extract. Activated at the use, SKIN.ERGETIC serum blends the ultra-concentrated broccoli extract with superior anti-fatigue ingredients in a formulation that is 99% natural; paraben, mineral oil and artificial colour free.

This fresh technology makes it possible to add the active ingredient to the serum formula at the very last minute so that it offers maximum effectiveness for three months.”
They go on to say that “Skin•Ergetic Serum promotes the skins production of antioxidants, stimulating its self-repairing system. This internal immune system reinforces skin so it can better fight off external aggressions.”

I don’t know how good broccoli extract is for my skin or how much of it is in the product, but I must say that I did like using this serum.

It’s formula is almost like a watered down cream moisturizer. It’s not watery as some serums are, and not filled with dimethicone either. Instead, this provides quick moisturizer, and glow to the skin, and absorbs within minutes. I love the way that makeup goes on on top of this. It’s almost as good as applying foundation on bare skin.

Overall, I like how my skin looks when I use this, and I like the moisturizing that it provides.

Unfortunately, none of the Skin Ergetic products have any SPF in them, so you do need to apply something on top of this serum for it to really be good to use during the day.

Available at your local drugstore for $58.

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5 Responses to Biotherm Skin Ergetic Serum Review

  1. sharon says:

    if you’re writing articles I wish you’d research ALL ingredients in a product BEFORE you write HOW they make your skin feel – can you find any evidence of the sulforaphane being useful as a topical ingredient? You have a responsibility to the people who read your reviews to be educated about the ingredients

  2. Would you recommend this serum for someone with sensitive skin?

  3. Oh, and to Sharon. I get what you’re saying about being educated about the product. But as an avid reader of beauty blogs, what I look for is exactly what Henna wrote in here, how the product feels and the results it produces. It’s out own responsibility as purchasers to know what we’re putting on our bodies that’s why ingredients are on the back of products. From a ‘beauty’ review, this post is perfect. From a lab review, it’s lacking – but it’s NOT a lab review.

  4. Henna says:

    Thanks Christina!

    And no, I wouldn’t recommend it for sensitive skin – the scent and combo of ingredients might be irritating.

    Sharon, I usually give the ingredients a quick glance. That doesn’t mean I know what they all do, but sometimes I really don’t care. As long as I see some active ingredients, I’m happy. IN this case, it was the use of glycerine which I usually find really soothing on my skin. You have not mentioned why you’re against the use of sulforaphane and I certainly didn’t have any problems with the serum so I’m going to say that it’s still a good one. I have to say that if someone has a specific skin allergy or sensitivity, it is their responsibility to research ingredients for themselves.

  5. Cool! I shall stay away from this one even though it seems tempting. Thanks!! 🙂

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