Bite Beauty Prismatic Pearl MultiSticks with Swatches

The latest and greatest from Bite Beauty is here to fulfill all your holographic makeup dreams.  Of course, I’m talking about their Prismatic Pearl MultiSticks.

First of all, the original multisticks came out in 2016, and I still have the Macaroon multistick in my makeup drawer and I use it all the time because it’s the perfect colour for my lips and cheeks.  Clearly, I need to post an update with a swatch of it.  The formula is creamy and still powdery, very blendable and still sets which is important for a lipstick or cheek colour, or anything really.

So now there are glittery, shimmery multisticks in 5 colours.

Check out the holographic packaging.  That’s how you know that they’re here.

Take them out of the holographic sleeve, and there’s a pretty light pink box.

Which has the Multisticks in the traditional matte black short tubes.

And these are the colours: Pink Pearl, Oyster Pearl, Blush Pearl, Rose Pearl, and Peacock Pearl which is my favourite.

A closer look.

Swatches: Oyster, Rose, Pink, Peacock, and Blush.

I can’t use any of these as a highlighter, but I like the Rose as a blush except it’s quite glittery.  The Oyster and Peacock are great for eyeshadows, but I can’t really use these.  They are too greasy and smear almost right away even if I use them with a primer and lots of powdery.  Just doesn’t do it for me, but I love the colours.

I like the rose on my lips too especially with some lipbalm on before because it makes my lips look nice and plump and healthy.

Pick them up online or at Sephora stores for $28.

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