Body Shop Concealer

You need to check out @theBodyShopCA for a great concealer in colours that actually look like skin.

You know that something is good when you can finish it all up and you buy more.  On that same note, how much do we love a concealer that blends easily with your fingers but stays on the whole day and also kind of lets your skin show through, which can mean that it looks like skin too. The Body Shop actually has foundations and face products in great colours even if their range not be the biggest on the market. I picked up their concealer stick when I tried it on in a store and found that it matched my skin perfectly. The best part is that their makeup line has been expanded and though this concealer started out as coming in only 3 tones, it now comes in 8! It’s nice to know that The Body Shop is making makeup to suit a variety of skin tones.

The concealer itself is a pencil that smooths on to the skin very easily and works at covering anything from the under-eye area to blemishes. It’s a matte finish too so it looks very natural and doesn’t settle into lines. In a pinch you can also easily blend it out and use it as a foundation.

The only bad thing about the concealer is that the size isn’t a normal one so you’ll have to buy the specific body shop sharpener for the pencil. I’ve not yet found another pencil that’s this chubby so the sharpener is only used for this pencil. Although the price of the pencil is reasonable, having to buy a sharpener is an add-on. Remember that if price is a consideration in your decision of whether to buy. Maybe the next time they do a revamp of the makeup line they’ll fix the size of the pencil as well, but until then this is a crutch in an otherwise great product.

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