Body Shop Lip Butter

With the air being hot and dry at times, and with my layering on lots of sunscreen, I’ve found that my lips have taken a back seat in terms of care.  So I’ve been looking through my stash of lip products and reached for The Body Shop Grapefruit Lip Butter since it smelled so yummy. It is beautifully creamy and soft! This is one of the smoothest lip balms that I have ever tried and it turns out that all the flavours are like that.  They’re so great that it’s hard to pick a favorite but the Papaya one is a good choice, as is the Grapefruit one.

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6 Responses to Body Shop Lip Butter

  1. Toya says:

    I used to wear the Coconut Lip Butter and liked it a lot.

  2. The Home Spa Goddess says:

    Blech! I tried these once. They left a white film on my lips. I hate any lipgloss I have to put on with my fingers anyway.

    Hi Henna! The bumper you made for my podcast is up on show #135:) Thanks again!

    Listen here:

  3. Henna says:

    Honestly, I think that they’ve changed the formulation – these are really nice now and I didn’t find that white film you’re talking about although I did when they first came out. They’re just so creamy and smooth!

  4. The Home Spa Goddess says:


    Maybe other people complained to the body shop about the white film and not just to their friends – like I did – and they changed it:)

    If I see it on sale…

  5. It’s been so long since I tried their lip butters but I need to visit a store soon.

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  6. Henna says:

    Definitely check them out! They’ve been around for a while and they kind of feel like a lotion for your lips.

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