Bond Perfumes

The Canadian market is so different than the American one, even in a big city like Toronto. I find that it’s not as edgy and up-to-date, and I frequently have problems finding “in” items. For example, you’d think that every single drugstore and spa/salon would have a few different shades of black nail polish, but no, I could only find it here and there, and mostly it was at the Chanel counter were it was sold out (not that I was going to pay that much for a nail polish, but I’m just saying). It seems that Canadian retailers are a lot less willing to take risks (if you can consider black nail polish a risk anymore) and they don’t think that Canadian shoppers want what’s hot. Well, I think they’re wrong, obviously, and they lose out on a lot of business because of their unwillingness to keep abreast of what’s new.

Phew! Rant over.

Lets get to what I really wanted to tell you: You can buy Bond Perfumes at Andrews in Bayview Village or at their Hazelton Lanes store, both in Toronto. I keep reading about the perfumes everywhere and had yet to spot them anywhere, so I just thought I’d pass on that tidbit of information.

Personally, I didn’t like any of the scents that I got to smell – they were just too sweet for my liking and I prefer something more… traditional, I guess. I like the oriental and floral scents so these weren’t‘ for me. Still, it was nice to finally be able to find them!

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