Boots No. 7 Glycolic Acid Pads

These have been making my life easier for the past couple of weeks.  These are the No. 7 Glycolic Acid pads that are soaked in 10% glycolic acid solution.  My skin has been using glycolic acid for years, so I’m used to this percentage, and it’s not too too strong.

I know that we’re all trying to be environmentally conscious these days, but I really like the ease of pre-soaked pads.  They just leave me with 0 excuses, and I like these for some mornings when I am too lazy to properly wash my face.  I just smooth one of these pads on and consider the job done.  Not that I am recommending that at all, but I’m just saying that pre-soaked pads are nice.

The rule for acids is start low and go slow.  If you are new to glycolic acid, don’t jump into it by using it every single day.  Just use them once a week at first and see how your skin does, and then go to using them twice a week, every other day, and then maybe every other day.  The last thing you want is red and irritated skin.  Glycolic acid helps your skin exfoliate itself quicker so you end up with brighter, more glowy skin if you incorporate it into your routine.  I definitely find that the texture of my skin is way better when I use these, so I keep them around.

There are 60 pads  in this jar which is about standard – you can use 2 a day if you need and you have a month’s supply.  I just use them in the morning and at night I use my retinol, and my skin is fine.

No. 7 is available at Shoppers Drug Mart. $26.

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