Brows on Fleek Thanks to Caryl Baker Visage

Me After Getting My Brows Done!

Me After Getting My Brows Done!

So Caryl Baker Visage was the first place I ever got a makeover and I used to frequent the location at my local mall all the time!  Yes, I was even a Beauty Club Member!

Sadly, when I moved to Calgary, there were no Visage locations here, and so I stopped frequenting them – until now.  This summer, Caryl Baker Visage opened up a location in Calgary’s Sunridge Mall, and wow, I have to say that the store itself has received a major makeover in the past few years!

The new stores are nice and bright and look inviting and chic.

Not only do they look different, but they’ve updated their offerings too!  There’s now makeup for women of colour, as well as top of the line skincare (think peels, vitamin C products, and organic ingredients) as well as lash extensions.

They’ve even taken the plain ‘ol brow wax and upgraded it to the HD brow service.  This service includes an initial brow tint so that sparse areas look filled in.  Then the brows are groomed – the result is a super-polished brow that needs less filling in because the tint does it all.  This service is also for men and is perfect for taming the brows!

Also, a huge thank you to the super sweet team at the Sunridge Mall location of Caryl Baker Visage – they held on to my 6 week old baby while I had my service done and toured the store.  It’s always nice for a new mom to get a bit of a break and it was such a relaxing experience for me.

Check them out at Sunridge Mall – more Calgary, and Western Canada locations coming in the following year!

Sunridge Mall – upper level, center
2525 – 36th Street NE
Calgary, Alberta T1Y 5T4, Canada

Ph: 403-285-1120

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