By Kilian Love and Tears

For the past few weeks I have been wearing Love and Tears, Surrender By Kilian.  This scent is a jasmine-based one and is listed as being unisex, though I can’t imagine any men I know wanting to wear it.

That being said, the scent is not overly feminine either.  This is not a big white floral or one that knocks you on the head with its Jasmine notes.  Instead it’s pretty subtle and that may be because it’s supposed to be the last scent in the Kilian Love series.  This scent is supposed to represent succumbing to love.

The scent also has notes of orange blossom and bergamot which help keep it fresh and relevant.

This scent reminds me of a fresh summer day after the rain.  The scent of the jasmine is so wonderful but not overly heavy.  It’s kind of a perfect spring scent because it’s only slightly warmer than summer scents are.

The other scents in the Love collection are Prelude to Love, Invitation (my favourite); Love, Don’t Be Shy; and Beyond Love, Prohibited.

The By Kilian collection can only be found at Holt Renfrew in Canada and 50 ml retails for $125.

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