Cameron Diaz – Farrah Fawcette Hair

I absolutely love Cameron Diaz and always look to her for latest trends.  She has a way of wearing them without going overboard or making them too trendy and obvious.

Case in point: her ultra wavy hair at the premiere of the Green Hornet in Berlin.

While the rest of her look was toned down (no fancy dresses here), the hair and makeup really added some sparkle.

The wavy ends is something we’ve been seeing a lot of this winter, and it’s a great look that anyone can achieve with their straightening iron.  I prefer a straightener for this look because you can add curl without it being too fussy, and prom queen looking.  Blow-dry your hair first to make it nice and smooth and then go ahead and add the waves, making sure to hair spray it all so that it stays in place.  To add extra volume to the waves, separate them with your fingers when you’re done and add more hairspray.

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  1. I actually think this look makes her look a little old. I get that the look is supposed to have an “effortless” feel, but her ends look really nappy and dry.

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