Canadian Beauty News: July 6, 2007

OK, this version of Canadian Beauty News is all about reader questions but first, I’ll tell you about the outcome of the masks that I’ve been reviewing!

Mask Roundup

Overall, I have to say that I really really liked the Biotherm. I liked how my skin felt afterwards, there was no residue, and it was just what I was looking for. I also really liked the Lancome warming mask and I think that I’m going to use it in the winter. None of the masks that I tried were horrible and I’m sure the question remains – do you even need a mask at all? After doing this project for about a month, I can say YES, having a mask as part of your routine is a good idea. It soaks up excess oil, tones, and has a nice effect on your skin even if it’s temporary. A mask is especially useful in the summer.

Though I found it hard to incorporate into my routine at first, I’ve found that there are two best times to use it. The first time is after work or a day out when your face may be a tad fatigued. It’s nice to come home, put on a mask and relax for a few minutes. The other best time to use it is in the morning so that you can brush your teeth, pick out what to wear, and get ready for your day before washing it off. The advantage that this has to using it at another time is that your face is already free of any makeup so you do not have to wash it before applying the mask. Most masks were only to be used once or twice a week and I’m guessing that this is because they’re supposed to be intensive products – they are either very hydrating or could potentially be drying. Keep this in mind when you are buying a mask for yourself!

Reader Questions:

We continue then with the following email I received:

Hi there,
What do you think of the Kinerase line at Shoppers?? It is $$$$$ and does not get completely glowing reviews on MUA BUT… I’ve heard some say that just the gentle cleanser and cream (or lotion, depending on skin type) used together (and as their ONLY skin care products) have saved their skin – transformed it, really.
What do you think? Buying only 2 products could be cost effective if the line is really that good…
I’m thinking Shoppers has an amazing return policy, too, if I’m not that impressed after trying it!

Unfortunately, I have not had a chance to try the Kinerase line but I too have heard a great deal about it. I will, however, give you my honest opinion about what I would try from the line. I would not use the cleanser because I think that there are plenty of reasonably priced cleansers on the market and this is a product that goes down the drain when the job is done. This in mind, there is no replacement for a good moisturizer that works well with your skin. If I thought that Kinerase was the moisturizer for me, then I would go ahead and get the day cream and the night cream. Just my two cents. Have any readers out there tried Kinerase? What did you think?

One of my friends has also asked me about my favourite body washes and it just so happened that I was recently gifted a Body Shop Satsuma Gift package! Those of you who have been reading this site for a while know that I love coconut scented products so I wouldn’t have picked this up myself, but I am thrilled with it! I especially love the Satsuma shower gel! I had never tried it before, and I now know why it’s been a part of The Body Shop roster for so long! It smells so fresh and tangy which makes it perfect for the summer. The scent is strong enough that the whole bathroom smells of it.

Satsuma – Canadian Beauty Approved.

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Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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2 Responses to Canadian Beauty News: July 6, 2007

  1. Izar July 9, 2007 at 11:41 am #

    That Satsuma package looks gorgeous and I can only imagine how heavenly it smells. I hope Body Shop will come to Hungary soon: a few years ago I visited their shop in Vienna and everything smelled so delicious.

    Thank you for linking me! 🙂
    (I love your blog!)

  2. La Bellissima July 13, 2007 at 12:16 am #

    I used to work at The Body Shop and the Satsuma products were, during my tenure, the best selling company wide. They have a larger, coarser Satsuma body scrub now and they also have (I think) a Satsuma perfume oil.

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