Canadian Beauty News: June 15, 2007

Hello poppets! (Points if you recognized the Mrs. Doubtfire reference there.) It’s finally the weekend and I don’t know about you but I’m a little tired out this week. Makeup does always cheer me up, though, and I’m hoping that these new products do the same for you, so lets get started!

New MAC collection

MAC’s new collection is called C-Shock and is filled with… you guessed it, colours that are BRIGHT! Yellows, blues, and pinks make this collection what it is and here’s a rundown of what’s included:


Blast O’ Blue Sheer mid-tone blue (lustre)
Overrich Creamy silver pink with white pearl (glaze)
Out To Shock Soft metallic coral with silver pearl (frost)
Vivacious Sheer mid-tone pink with silver pearl (lustre)
Pomposity Bright raspberry with silver and pink pearl (frost)


She-Boom! Creamy magenta (cream)
Lil’ Sizzler Metallic peach with pink and white pearl (frost)
Mega Soft metallic lavender with silversparkle (frost)
Sugar Shock Sheer red berry (cream)

Eye Shadow

Going Bananas Soft lemon yellow (frost)
Eyepopping Soft lime green with gold and yellow pearl (satin)
Wondergrass Intense kiwi green (frost)
Big T Intense aqua with green pearl (frost)
Fab & Flashy Mid-tone orange with gold pearl (frost)
Bang On Blue Royal blue with pink pearl (frost)
Romping Rich Magenta with pink pearl (frost)
Passionate Bright clean red (matte)

MAC collections are so intriguing – you never know what you’re going to get, but I certainly didn’t expect to see a bright blue lipstick! Though I was mildly shocked when I first saw it, my instinct told me that MAC would give us something that was wearable – and this shade certainly is. It’s a very sheer shimmery blue and you know what? Even I can pull off this shade. Die-hard makeup lovers will want this in their kit because it can instantly turn a too-warm shade of lipstick cooler! When I slicked it on my bare lips, they turned a mauve colour and it was actually quite pretty. The effect will depend, of course, on how much you put on, but I could get away with a couple of coats.

I also love the bright lipgelees – they’re a bright pop of summery colour and go perfectly with the no-makeup look you might be wearing anyway. Check the collection out at a MAC counter near you!

Estee Lauder High Gloss Plump

Have you wanted a lip plumper but were waiting for one from a brand more familiar to you? Well the wait’s over!

Estee Lauder now has it’s High Gloss in a plumping version. The gloss smells sort of like cinnamon and produces a burning effect on the lips rather than one that’s cooling (a significant characteristic to note among lip plumpers). I’ve been using this gloss and I really love the feeling – to be quite honest, I find it very addictive! It’s not a painful burn but I’m not very sensitive so remember to keep your own threshold in mind when you use any product that might irritate your lips.

The gloss comes in beautiful High Gloss shades, and is available in creams and shimmers. When I use lip plumpers I actually like clear ones because the burning action makes my lips turn a nice shade of bright pink! Estee’s version has a beautiful shimmery shade called Opal Plump and it’s gorgeous on. Visit an Estee Lauder counter and try the glosses on for yourself!

Products Now Available!

I’ve noticed that Shoppers Drug Mart has been expanding in a big way and the products that you can now find at your local drug store are quite impressive! I’ve recently seen that they now carry some products from the Dr. Hauschka line (though not the cult favourite pink Drying Lotion)! I’ve also noticed the Zeno zip zapper (officially called the Pro Acne Clearing Device) among other goodies, and I’m actually dying to try it and I might now that it’s more readily available.

I’ve also been reading a great deal about the new Holt Renfrew store that opened up in Vancouver. It seems that more excitement has been generated by its amazing beauty floor than any other department! Among some of the lines now available to Van city dwellers are Cle de Peau, Becca, and Besame! It may just be the right time for me to make a trip out west!

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Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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