Cetaphil Acne Bacteria Fighting Gel

Cetaphil products are amazing – they’re easily available, fairly affordable, and dermatologists highly recommend the brand because of its gentle ingredients. I’ve been using their Gentle Skin Cleanser for years, so when I heard Cetaphil was expanding their line of products, I was eager to try them.

The Acne Bacteria Fighting Gel from their Acne Principles line is the best Benzoyl Peroxide treatment I’ve tried to date. With a 5% concentration, it’s water based, meaning it’s effective enough for my oily skin but isn’t overly drying. The gel formula is fantastic because it sticks to my skin and absorbs quickly, whereas a lot of other benzoyl peroxide creams I’ve used dry on top of the skin and look flaky. The smell also gets bonus points – it doesn’t smell like anything, which is great because similar gels and creams either small like bad mushrooms or are too perfume like and get my allergies going.

I use it at night time after cleansing, and sometimes mix a dab of it with my daytime SPF cream. Since incorporating this into my routine, my skin has been clear and feels really soft.
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2 Responses to Cetaphil Acne Bacteria Fighting Gel

  1. Amrita says:

    Hi Angee,

    I currently use Proactiv to treat my acne but I have found that it hasn’t been working for me in recent months. The main ingredient in this line is also benzoyl peroxide. I don’t know if you have tried Proactiv..? If you have, how do you find the Cetaphil Acne Principles line to compare?

    Thank you,


  2. Henna says:

    Scientifically, it’s impossible for your skin to get used to the Benzoyl Peroxide because it just adds oxygen to your skin that kills the bacteria! You might just have acne that’s not caused by bacteria so that might be why it’s not working. Try sometime that doesn’t have that as a main ingredient!

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