Christina Ricci on Nylon

Is it me or does Christina Ricci seem to be photoshopped within an inch of her life on the cover of Nylon Magazine?  I’m sure it has mostly to do with the doll eyes which actually look quite beautiful, or the pose that she’s taking.

In other news, I loved the mixed prints.  Unexpected, colourful, and so fun.

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  1. Seth says:

    Wow, why does everything have to come down to “photo-shopping” nowadays? Id say in glamor photos, techniques like airbrushing, lighting, and makeup have always been elements that “enhance” the models look(waaay before PS). Just part of the biz!

    As a graphic designer, and photographer i can say that any “photo-shopping” is subtle in this pic, at-least imo and i have always felt that Ms. Ricci was beautiful. Just needs to eat a pork chop or two 😉

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