Christmas in the Shower: Lush Iced Wine

I absolutely love Christmas, and it’s partly because there are so many fun Christmas products out there.

Right now, I am absolutely loving Lush’s Iced Wine Shower Jelly. It’s been a long long while since I used a shower jelly from Lush, so I’ll break it down for you that are in the same boat as me.

The Shower Jelly is pretty much a gelatinous soap! Imagine taking your favourite shower gel and putting it in a jello mold. That’s exactly what Lush has done, and it’s such a cool idea.

The Iced Wine shower jelly smells like tropical juice mixed with lemon and grapefruit juice, and you simply take it out of its container whole and either lather in your hand or all over your body. It leaves a soapy residue behind that you can lather some more, and then wash off.

Believe it or not, I actually really liked using this as a face wash because it’s so gentle but it still lathers up nicely. If it got into my eye it didn’t sting or hurt, and so I was able to take all my eye makeup off easily when I used this.

Lush also suggests putting this in the freezer or fridge before you use it, but it’s so cold in Calgary that I rather prefer to leave it as is and enjoy.

This is a product that is limited edition for the holidays so pick it up while it lasts!

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