Clarins Beauty Flash Balm Review

I’m getting ready for some important events in my life, and so I’ve had a peel and my skin is flaking badly. The only thing to do is wait it out and moisturize to hide some of the flakies that can be persistent.

I turned to Clarins Beauty Flash Balm which is a cult product popular with those who have dry skin. You put it on before applying makeup, and put makeup right on top. It dries into a layer of moisturizer and seals moisturizer in.

I found that it gave instant relief to my dry and taut skin, and I could even apply it on top of makeup throughout the day. I did not find that it gave lots of hydration and definitely not the long lasting type, but it did give relief and concealed the dry skin.

I also love that this is so compatible with makeup and seems to make it last longer!

You can also use this as a facial mask, which I also liked to do, but as a daytime skincream this was the best.

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